Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Deleware Water Gap

Hiking and Camping During a Holiday Weekend
Not the Smartest Idea I Have Ever Had

After spending a few days researching the Delaware Water Gap I was very excited to spend a day hiking followed by a night out camping.  I usually work on the weekends but the restaurant I work at was closed for the holiday so I took advantage of my time off to take the trip I had been planing for awhile.  I should have known better than to plan a trip at a place like the Delaware Water Gap during a holiday weekend.  

The Early Bird
Doesn't Always Catch the Worm

I knew the camping area and hiking trails would be a bit busy because of the holiday but I figured arriving the park bright and early might allow us some time by ourselves on the trails and the opportunity to get a great camping site.  We left the house before the sun was up and were at the gates by 8am.  The park was already packed.  We spent about 25 minutes trying to find a camp site that wasn't run over by families with their kids and dogs.  We finally managed to find a small site with a bit of quite.  By that time the hiking trails were packed with people.

Planning Out a Trip Ahead of Time
Doesn't Always Equal Success

I had spent a few hours planning out the trip, what trails we would hike, where we would go swimming and what other fun activities we could fill the day with.  After all the planning my expectations were pretty high for the weekend and I was left feeling disappointed.  The park was over run with lots of families and the amount of space provided could not accommodate everyone.  Also, early in the morning on Sunday a huge thunderstorm rolled through the park unexpectedly, putting a final damper on the trip.  I have defiantly learned a few important lessons after this trip.  Don't try and plan your trip exactly, leave some room to explore and unforeseen circumstances.  Most importantly, avoid major parks during the holiday weekends!!

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